Web Albums for Picasa

Web Albums by Pixite

Web Albums is the highest-rated Picasa viewer, uploader and manager available on iTunes. Enjoy ultra simple setup, a super user-friendly layout, and seamless Facebook integration, so you can share your favorite Picasa images and videos immediately—all from your iOS device.

"As a power user of Picasa (and one of its founders), I wanted a way to enjoy my pictures on my iPhone and iPad. Web Albums App fits the bill perfectly. Now I can enjoy and share my albums whether I'm online or offline! It's a no-brainer for anyone who loves Picasa."

Web Albums HD for iPad
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Web Albums for iPhone
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  • Access all your photos
  • Play slideshows
  • No limits to what you can browse
  • Cached photos for quick access
  • Play videos


  • Browse friends' and family's albums
  • Email multiple photos
  • Post photos to Facebook
  • View and post comments on photos


  • Batch upload from your library
  • Resize photos before upload
  • Background uploading
  • Upload videos


  • Edit captions
  • Comment on friends' photos
  • Move photos between albums
  • Delete album and photos

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